This woman entrepreneur beauty care manufacturer rooted in Ayurveda has an yearly turnover of Rs 90 M.

This woman entrepreneur beauty care manufacturer rooted in Ayurveda has an yearly turnover of Rs 90 M.

The global skincare and beauty market is teeming with a number of brands, some of which are questionable in regards to quality of ingredients. So how does one distinguish”wholly natural’ products from the remainder?

When Pooja Nagdev started Inatur – Ayurveda and Aromatherapy Beauty Store, her goal was to challenge the prevailing practice of fake claims, non-disclosure of components and using harsh or prohibited substances in hair and skin care solutions. Pooja Nagdev – Ayurveda and Aromatherapy Store. Pooja believes nature has to offer than what already exists on the industry in products.

She explores natural ingredients that may nurture, nourish, replenish and even repair skin, hair, body and bring true wellness. This belief drives her to generate body care products utilizing Indian herbs, essential and carrier oils.
Starting up

Born and raised in Delhi, Pooja is also a voice in the industry and a cosmetologist by profession. After completing her MBA in finance, she managed the printing ink mill of her father. Her interest in essential oils and perfumes directed her to pursue degrees in Aromatherapy in Beaumont College, Canada accompanied by a certification in Cosmetology from the united kingdom.

She noticed there weren’t any tag laws when she decided to begin Inatur and companies did not have to disclose the nature of ingredients. Pooja explains,”You will find sunscreen products promising SPF 30 selling at Rs 40. It’s here, ethical labelling must become mandatory.

Together with Inatur, Pooja states that her attention is on manufacturing and procuring the advantages of natural ingredients for self-care at a scientific manner. She creates products that are created from ethically sourced ingredients, which are tested. It utilizes highly recommended organic Ecocert accepted ingredients to make a range of gels, emulsions, creams, oils, toners and packs. No animal testing is involved in almost any process.

“We’re different because we have carved our own path,” says Pooja, adding,”With regards to ethical practices, we believe there’s minimal competition to Inatur as we all stand unique with our deliverables and fundamentals.”

The I in Inatur stands for Nature for India and Natur. She combines the knowledge of Ayurveda and natural ingredients with science via its registered trademark manufacturing method – SCINAT (Nature and Science ).
Pooja believes that the goods of Inatur are alternatives made for a goal. According to her, it extends beyond the goods; it’s about advising and educating customers about natural care and contains therapies for skin, hair, and beauty.

What sets Inatur apart, says Pooja is its own extensive research and development capacities and strict excellent control practices, factors making it stand out among other herbal care manufacturers on the marketplace. Another point of difference is the end-to-end manufacturing process – from the raw materials to the final merchandise together with the packaging is solely its creation, unlike its rivals. The products are manufactured in the Inatur mill in Noida. Inatur isn’t only committed to empowering character, but also women.

Making waves on the Market

Inatur, A self-funded startup is growing at 30 per cent and now has a turnover of Rs90 million. From Tier I and urban centers in India, the market for Inatur has expanded to include international lands like the US, Europe, Middle East, and other Asian markets. The products are popular among most age groups and genders as it offers a vast array of flexible and multi-use goods. She credits”very inexpensive prices and online platforms” as reasons for the growing market share. Inatur has its own flagship stores in New Delhi, Noida Pune, and Mumbai. These company-owned shops feature a exceptional concept named Facials by Inatur, which will be India’s first facial merely studio where trained therapists provide”facial” to clients.

Aside from these types of stores and its own site, Inatur goods are available on ecommerce platforms like Nykaa, Amazon, Big Basket, Purple, First Cry, and 1mg. The brand was growing steadily over the last twelve years through engagement and reach. But there are a few challenges in the path.

“In a male-dominated society, it wasn’t simple to build a market for myself personally and for Inatur. Given the rivalry and the mindsets of this society back then, I knew I needed to stay strong and just keep moving with attention, says Pooja. I keep the high points close, and use the things, as an opportunity and move on.”

The answer and reviews for Inatur’s products are encouraging. “Aside from happy customers, during transaction fairsand other exhibitions, people lineup for advice, making me feel both happy and accountable. When we began distributing from the Middle East, it gave us immense joy to view Emirati girls return with a grin and pick up the product by the counter. Everyday we get great reviews from our customers and that retains on our feet – and goads us to perform much better,” Pooja states.

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