Google launched Stadia for Gamers.

Google launched Stadia for Gamers.

Google’s most up-to-date cloud gambling agency — Stadia has confronted some backlash since its launch to get a limited number of games that are supported. Moreover, Google had also promised users that Stadia games would have 4K resolution with 60fps support, given players have a TV using 4K support. However, games were found by users rendering in 2K and upscaling to 4K. Google is now explaining why.

In the Google Stadia launch, the company had said that if programmers wished to lock the match it would still provide a 4K 30fps experience. But, when players tried out the Stadia gambling experience, they discovered that Destiny two runs at 1080p and can be upscaled to 4K. It was a similar situation with Red Dead Redemption two, which upscaled into 4K and rendered in 2K.

Upscaling into 4K isn’t something new. Sony Play Station 4 Pro and Microsoft Xbox One X already have this support for many games. Google Stadia subscribers have been angry as expected. The company has published a statement regarding to pacify users and the same.

Google Stadia 4K Resolution Not Supported: Google Responds

Google’s announcement says that Stadia flows at 4K and 60fps – and that includes all aspects of the graphics pipeline from sport to screen: GPU, encoder and Chromecast Ultra all of outputting in 4K into 4K TVs with the appropriate internet connection.

Google notes that it is currently giving programmers the freedom of frame rate on Stadia and the way to attain the best image quality. The company says it anticipates many developers can and will continue to improve the gaming experience.

“And because Stadia resides in our information centres, developers can innovate fast while delivering even better encounters straight to you without needing game patches or downloads,” Google concluded. Nonetheless, it looks like there’s a gap between what the marketeers guaranteed with Stadia and exactly what the programmers are delivering. The situation does not look too good for Google as it has already promised subscribers that matches on Stadia will encourage 4K.

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